Wheel Alignment

Wheel Aligning Hoists

There are 2 types of wheel aligning hoists:

1. 4 Post Wheel Aligning Hoists: Simple, reliable, easy to adjust, quick and generally have a low drive-on height above ground compared to scissor lifts. They provide easier access underneath the vehicle and can be easily relocated.

2. Wheel Aligning Scissor Lifts:Generally heavier, bigger, slower and more expensive but without the posts, there is better clearance around the vehicle for both the operator and the wheel aligning equipment. The bulk and complexity comes with trying to fit all the lifting means under the platforms. This can be overcome by installing the hoist in-ground, flush with the floor however this does commit you to the location.

Wheels Free Options

There are 3 options for wheels free lifting for wheel aligning hoists.

1. Jacking Beams: A very flexible lifting option, the beams can run the length of the platforms and used as a pair or only one. Power usually comes from compressed air supply.

2. Rails Wheels Free: A strong, simple and quick method of getting vehicles wheels free, it is best suited to bulky vehicles that are lifted from the chassis such as commercials and off-road 4WDs. Due to the height of the rails, they are not well suited to vehicles with low ground clearance sports cars.

2. Platform Wheel Free Lift: Integrated into the platform, these lifts are a very neat option but due to their weight they reduce the lifting capacity of the entire hoist and they are best suited to lifting vehicles with their pick-up points at their sill panels.

Wheel Alignment Accessories

  • Slip Plates: Slip plates can be easily retrofitted to platforms to allow for the play when aligning vehicles with independent rear suspension.
  • Air Delivery System: A system for integrating the compressed air supply for jacking beams into a Molnar 4 Post hoist.
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