Home Mechanic

Aside from putting a high value on looking after their pride and joy, there are generally 3 areas home mechanics look at when purchasing a hoist.


Most home workshops are restricted either by overhead height, clearance around the hoist or both.  

Our compact lift options are the Sprinter & Jumbo Lift

Our low ceiling height lift options Base 2 Post & Smart Lift


The majority of homes only have access to 240 Volt, single phase power. Molnar Hoists 2 post and 4 post products are available with 240 Volt power units and are available to be retrofitted.

Our hoists with optional 240 volt power units are the Universal 2 Post, Base 2 Post & Sprinter


As space is already at a premium, there is usually a need to use the hoist for parking or storage of items. Although scissor lifts are compact, all their mechanism is underneath, preventing parking. 

Hoist best suited for use as storage are the Universal 2 Post & Base 2 Post


In most cases the home garage has not been designed to suit a vehicle hoist and finding the right hoist to suit the space is difficult. If you have a special home project, please Contact Us 


When just for personal use, the cost of a new hoist may be too much of a capital outlay. We recommend considering leasing as the way to get the hoist you want without breaking the bank. Have a look at our Financing Benefits Summary Page or for more information, Contact Us