Mobile Columns

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Nussbaum MCS Mobile Column Lifts are quickly and easily deployed to lift a variety of heavy vehicles. With Wireless Technology 4, 6 or 8 columns can operate synchronously without connection to one another or to power, making MCS Wireless an extremely flexible and versatile system.

Mobile Columns are an extremely flexible solution for lifting many types of vehicles all the way up to 60 tonnnes. Take the lifting to the vehicle.

Before buying a vehicle hoist, it is important to know;

  1. What types of vehicles will be worked on? 4WDs? Sports Cars? Commercials?
  2. What work will be done to those vehicles? Crash repairs? Exhaust? Brakes?
  3. Do you need to lift the vehicle by its wheels or chassis or both?
  4. How much, width, length and height do you have in your bay?
  5. What thickness and grade is your concrete floor?
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