Plate Brake Tester



  • Low trip hazard (less than 25 mm!)
  • No recess required for installation
  • Can be driven over from every direction
  • Easy to remove / move
  • Long lasting Zinc plated
  • High grip tread coating for wet and dry conditions
  • Remote control operation
  • Maintenance free roller bearings
  • Intelligent DMS sensors
  • Easy remote trouble shooting
  • Optional pedal force sensor
  • Photo of vehicle front or rear included in test report
  • Weight cells show total weight and distribution,
  • European NMI and MPA standards approved
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty


Weight Capacity 4000 kg
Product Weight 350 kg
Height 25 mm
Footprint L 4,760 mm x W 2,220 mm
Power Supply USB
Plate Brake Tester
Plate Brake Tester