A Long Heritage

From a humble beginning in 1951, Molnar Hoists (a part of the Molnar Engineering group) has since grown to become Australia's largest hydraulic vehicle hoist manufacturer.

Early Molnar Hoists  

Where it began

The company first opened for business as Green Dragon Steering and Wheel Alignment. Operating from an old stone building in Pultney Street Adelaide, Green Dragon specialised in wheel alignment, wheel balancing and chassis straightening. After only three months of trading, the company doubled in size and the stone building was quickly replaced with a new workshop.


With business continuing to thrive, it was not long before Green Dragon outgrew the Pultney Street Workshop and moved to larger premises in Gilbert Street where early development on Australia's first Two Post Hoist began. Frank Molnar patented the ‘2 Post Hoist’ in 1972 and from then product sales and popularity grew.

1972 - 1985

Following the launch of the hoist business, Molnar continued to expand in size and momentum. Today the company employs over 40 people across the divisions of the Molnar Group. Operating from a sizeable facility in Brompton South Australia, our products have been exported throughout Australia and New Zealand, and to Asia, Africa, India, the Middle East and Pacific Regions.

1985 - 2011