Molnar Hoists has been supplying rugged and reliable lifting equipment to the automotive industry for over 40 years. From humble origins we have grown to become Australia’s most prominent vehicle hoist manufacturer, shipping our extensive range of products throughout Australia and around the globe.

Our products are manufactured in South Australia and built to the highest safety standards. In house design and manufacturing processes provide us with optimal control over quality and supply, while still allowing the flexibility of design customisation.

We have a strong distribution network together with a full range of readily available spare parts. Our commitment to excellence is backed by our three year warranty on hoist products.


Molnar Hoists production team pictured with the Australia Day hoist


our products

Designed for the professional mechanic, Molnar Hoists are engineered to improve workshop efficiency, safety and overall output. With a premium range of vehicle hoist combined with a range of practical accessories, Molnar Hoists have the ideal solution for your professional workshop.

Hoists are manufactured from premium quality steel for strength, reliability and consistency and then powder coated for a durable finish. Powder coating provides parts with a hard wearing finish, perfect for the workshop environment Custom finishes are also available in a range of colours to suit any workshop design or corporate identity.

Molnar Hoists has partnered with German manufacturer Nussbaum to offer their high quality, heavy duty lifting solutions to Australian automotive workshops. Find out more at the Nussbaum Page

our manufacturing capabilities
In house design and manufacturing guarantees a high degree of quality and control over all processes. Our sizeable manufacturing facilities allow for product customisation, testing, prototyping and on-going product improvement.

Many hoist components are laser cut for fine detail and repeatability. Flexible and easily programmable, laser cutting allows us to rapid-prototype and deliver custom parts or small batches.

For maximum efficiency we use programmable CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) equipment at every opportunity. CNC mills are precise, efficient and consistently produce high-tolerance hoist components.

Robots perform many of the welding tasks for speed, agility and repeatability.

Take the tour of our factory in South Australia to see how a Molnar Hoist is designed, manufactured and assembled.


Molnar Hoists commitement to quality is backed by our three-year parts and labour warranty. Click here to go to our Warranty Page

A range of customisation options are available for every Molnar hoist, including control unit positioning and alternative height/width options. Custom finishes are also available in a range of colours to suit any workshop environment or corporate identity.

Download our Customisation Options brochure to learn more.


Australian Made Logo

australian made

Molnar Hoists proudly displays the Australian Made logo as a true Australian manufacturer sourcing inputs from local suppliers and transforming them into quality equipment at the South Australia facilities. Owned and operated as an Australian family company, we also display the logo as Australian made and owned. Click on the link to see more about Australian Made